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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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Updated October 31, 2020, 10:40 a.m., some recent articles

Amid Sudan Staff Strike UN Lacroix Turns Tail Evading Quarantine Rules Like Guterres

ArsTechnica Peter Bright Withholds His Not A Pedophile Memo Before Sentencing

After UNSC Prez Russia Bans Press Fake Presser With State Media Failed on Nagorno

Photog Sued AfroPunk Fest But Had Experts Disallowed So SDNY Trial Canceled PI Mulled

Robocalls Warning Against Voting By Mail in Michigan Trigger SDNY Case and Oct 31 Filing

With 58 Priors  Dones Got 63 Months Now Co Defendant in Hotel Gets May 2021 SDNY Trial

In Fox News Sex Harassment Suit Ed Henry Filed Photos Now Sealed As Amendment Reply

In Securities Fraud Trial of MiMedx Petit Break With Mark Brooks Dug Into On Cross

Blockchain Tech Lawsuit Triggers Triggers Mediation In SDNY As Costs Exceed Damages

After US Attorney Dropped Guilty Verdicts on Iran Banker Inner City Press Seeks Unsealing

UN Coronavirus Spread By Niger Gets Covered Up By Guterres Who Aims To Spread to Boston

In Fox News Sex Harassment Suit Ed Henry Filed Photos Now Sealed As Amendment Beef

In Fox News Sex Harassment Suit Ed Henry Filed Photos Now Sealed Amendment Opposed

UN Warns US Staff Of Nov 3 Election Protests As Guterres Favors Biden Over Trump on Zoom

UN Staffer Newly Arrested For Raping and Drugging UN Contractor in Iraq and in US

UN PGA Bozkir Outed As Bigot By Inner City Press Now Takes $100000 From Azerbaijan

In SDNY Honduras Narco Case Tony Hernandez Urges Another Sentencing Delay From Nov 10

Five Women Prisoners Sued NYS Which Then Delays So SDNY Judge Abrams Calls AG Out

Pili Nut Yogurt Beef Draws Promise Of Bottom Line Order From SDNY Judge Rakoff

Starbucks Slip and Fall on Third Avenue Triggers NYS Lawsuit Removed To SDNY

Cuevas Pleads To Beating His Daughter With A Belt In SDNY Skype Hearing Made Public

Overtime Pay Has Caridad 78 and 3 Individuals Sued Now Corporate Defendant Defaults

Pistol Whipping In Gas Station Comes Back To Haunt Crews In Post Davis Resentencing

Amtrack Spike Puller Hurt Trackman So SDNY Lawsuit With 4 Day Trial Predicted

Yonkers Cab Robber Pleads Guilty With Deal For 120 Months and $460 Restitution

As Richstone of Hercules Medical Is Sued For Discrimination Trial Looms Text Messages In

As UN Supported Ghislaine Maxwell Epstein Paid IPI Now They Cut Larsen Loose Blue Wash

FinCEN Leaker Edwards Now Wants A 2021 Sentencing As Her Letters Still Not Docketed

As UN Bans Inner City Press 849th Day It E-Asks Spox Dujarric of Maxwell Sexploitation SG Meddling Zambia Covid CIV Fox Hunt Cameroon Fleming 4000+ UNanswered

In Securities Fraud Trial of MiMedx Bassam Al Hajj and Mark Brooks Emails Cited US v Stein

UN Staffer Newly Indicted For Raping and Drugging UN Contractor in Iraq and in US

In SDNY Parnas Case Correia Gets 33 Month Plea Deal Which US Wants Sealed Or Redacted

Seaman With Asbestos Cancer Wants To Be Deposed By Chiquita Before Thanksgiving

Steel Man Sued Union But Cannot Go Pro Se and Venue Dubious Too in SDNY

NY Wheel Case Booted From SDNY For Lack of Diversity Done But For the Briefing

Pham Was Charged With Terrorism Now UK Rule of Speciality Questioned in SDNY

In FLSA Case Lawyers Taking Half Is Found OK As Costs Under Freeport Pancake House

Man Pleads Guilty To Asylum Fraud To DHS Then Hears Of  Due Process Protections Act

Drug Co Defendants Plead Guilty Together But One Gets 48 Months The Other 32

Cocaine Cooperator Given Supervision Does It Again In Florida Now Gets 6 Months in SDNY

In Horse Drugging Case SDNY Judge Castel Implements Due Process Protections Act

Defendant Who Fled On Day of Trial Returns To Plea Without Pimintel Letter But Guidelines

Securities Fraud Trial of MiMedx Continues As VP With Immunity Cites Saudi Deal Emails

Donziger Trial Pushed To Nov 9 Video Witness Procedures Due Nov 2 in SDNY

Accused Oxy Nurse Was Freed in SDNY Mag Court Now Gets Change of Counsel

In Drug Case of Venezuela and Turkey US Attorney Gave Discovery Late Post Nejad Case

In SDNY Sex Trafficking Case Ended by COVID Rivera Produced Late From MCC SHU

Auburn Detention Center Still Denies Inmate Access To Video Of Abuse In SDNY Lawsuit

EDNY Indictment of China Fox Hunt Has Zhu Yong Freed On Bail With Angwang Echo

SoFi Bank Charter Rubber Stamped by Pro FinTech Comptroller Brooks After FFW Protest

After Russia Said No Unequivocal Armenia Support More Carnage Cited by ICRC

EDNY Indictment of China Fox Hunt Like Angwang Draws Silent Cover Up From UNSG

Dershowitz Bid to Disqualify Guiffre Firm For Having Maxwell Documents Will Proceed Nov 5

As UN Supported Ghislaine Maxwell Epstein Paid IPI Now Rudd Speaks While Guterres Bans Press

Man Jailed For Life For Murder For Hire Seeks Release At 66 SDNY Judge Rakoff Mulls

Lawsuit Against AmEx and Fifth Third Settled and Dismissed Without Prejudice in SDNY

A Single Spam Fax To Skin and Laser Center Gives Rises To TCPA Lawsuit In SDNY

Lawyer In Promissory Note Case Says Opponent Threatens Him So Is Told To Call Police

Wells Fargo Is Sued For Discrimination in SDNY With Discovery Due In April

Dispute Over By Chloe Restaurants Triggers Request To Unseal Arbitration Award

Truck Hit Bike On Third Avenue Now Documents Exchanged In SDNY Lawsuit

Rent Default on Wisconsin Ave in DC Amid COVID Triggers Lawsuit in SDNY

Man With Fahr's Syndrome Sues ADP For Discrimination But Needs Inquest on Damages

Stalin Santana For Illegal Reentry Gets Time Served and Deportation to Dominican Republic

Photog Sued AfroPunk Fest But Has Experts Disallowed As Trial Was Looming In SDNY

Unsealing of FinCEN Leaker Edwards Letter Was Mislabeled Others Still Not Docketed

In SDNY Capital Case Berry and Lopez Await Main Justice Decision on 2000 Bronx Murder

Security Fraud Trial of MiMedx Continues With Controller Crossed and Prostate Juror Stricken

DOJ Lawyer Couldn't Enter SDNY Courthouse In Jean Carroll Case Now DOJ Position Rejected

NXIVM Keith Raniene Gets 120 Years In a Vacuum With No Phone Access Despite COVID

UN Coronavirus Spread By Niger Has Guterres In Denial As He Still Wants To Spread to Boston

UN Coronavirus Spread By Niger Has Guterres Silent As He Still Wants To Spread to Boston

On Cameroon Kumba Killings Non Doctor Bachelet Speaks As UN Guterres Refuses All Press Qs

UN Coronavirus Spread By Niger As UNSC Member Censors Like Super Spreader Guterres

Unsealing of FinCEN Leaker Edwards Letters Denied For Now But US Says Buzz Fed Story

UN Negligence Leads to 5 COVID Positives and Shut Down As Guterres Brags of His Evasions

Barnes and Noble Fired Parneros Implying Sexual Harassment Now Dismissal Deal

Man Who Took Bribe To Help Beat Amtrak Drug Test With Wrong Hair Gets Probation

InspirRX Sues Lupin Now Disputes About Unsealed Documents In SDNY Docket

Man Charged With Drugs Needed Interpreter Now Gets Brady Warning To AUSA Too

Flight Attendant Fired By United Airlines While Seeking IVF Pregnancy Asks Why Press Covers

Cooperator Violating Supervised Release Gets Time To Show Why He Was Slashed

Photog Sues For Drew Barrymore Image on Who What Wear Wants Six Figures

Palmer Is Charged With Robbing Livery Driver So Victim Informed and AUSA on Brady Duty

Man Who Co-Robbed Store On East Broadway Gets Indictment Translated and 5(f) Protections

In SDNY Sex Trafficking Case Ended by COVID Now Copy Fees and FRCP 5(f) Order

Imprisoned Horge Asked SDNY Judge Swain For Severed Speedy Trial But Gets Denied

Mega Bank Said 2004 NYBD Letter Prevented Showing Docs Now Agencies By Nov 6

Security Fraud Trial of MiMedx Starts With Saudi Contract Timing of Revenue and Prostate

UN Guterres Empty Statement on Tanzania As He Bans Inner City Press 846 Days No Answers

On Cameroon Kumba Killings Amnesty Speaks While UN Guterres Refuses All Press Qs

UN Guterres Covers Up Sex Abuse by Gabon and Togo in CAR As Bans Inner City Press 846th Day

CEFC China Energy Bribery in UN Omitted By NYT As SG Guterres Bans Press To Cover Up

On Cameroon Kumba Killings UN Guterres Canned Statement While Refuses All Press Qs

Mena Drove Cocaine For $1000 Now 15 Months Then Deportation

In OneCoin Case Scott In Line For Pot Business Blog Citation to Inner City Press in Scott Memo

As SEC Sued Simeo of Viking Energy Promised Escrow Payments Still Not

In SDNY Fast Trial Date In Illegal Reentry Case Stretching Back to 2005

In eMusic Case Believe Sues TriPlay Now Near Settlement on Breach of Distribution Agreement

Alleged Crack Sale In Harlem Triggers SDNY Argument About Violation of Supervision

On UN Day Failing Guterres Invites Killers Like Lankan Rajapaksa As Hides Rapes Bans Press

NYC Board of Ed Is Sued For East Asian Discrimination Now Saturday Bates Stamps

UN Guterres Empty Vow on Guinea Vote Like Cameroon As Bans Inner City Press 844th Day

Unsealing of FinCEN Leaker Edwards Letters Denied For Now But Sentence Memo Quotes

For Security Fraud Trial of MiMedx SDNY Judge Rakoff Asks About Trial Consultants

Bronxite Gamoneda Lost Bail Hearing Now Changes Lawyers To CJA On Duty

SDNY Civil Jury Trial Pits Syntel and Trizetto On UHG and Merger Now Charging Conference

In SDNY Murder For Hire Jury Trial 1st Since COVID Ends In Guilty Verdicts Feb 10 Sentence

Tatas Says He Was Beaten As Kurd At Ali Baba Terrace After He Yelled At Melvut Cavusglu

For SDNY Crypto Currency Trial Fowler Wants Assets Unfrozen To Pay For His Defense

Ghislaine Maxwell Wants More Info About Non Prosecution Agreement That Benefited Her

UN PGA Bozkir Named As Bigot By Inner City Press in May Now Snubbed by de Blasio

Milo Yiannopoulos Says His Source A Cannot Be Named So Posits A Source B to SDNY Judge

For Donziger Trial US Witness Zelman Can Testify By Video 6th AM Challenged Rejected

Importer of Clothes From China Bailey Quietly Pled Guilty Now Delays Sentencing to Dec 7

SEC Trial Against Paulsen Yields Liability Verdicts 3 Months Later in SDNY

As UN Bans Inner City Press 843th Day It E-Asks Spox Dujarric of Maxwell Sexploitation SG Meddling Guinea SG Covid Uganda CIV Bozkir Cameroon Fleming 4000+ UNanswered

NY Board of Elections Was Sued Over Ballots Without Postmarks But Injunction Not Expanded

In Ultimate UN Failure UN PGA Bozkir Whines No Meeting With de Blasio So Time To Leave

In NoKo Crypto Case Inner City Press Won Unsealing Griffith Demands Info From US

As HSBC and Wells Eye Harlem Brownstone Bankruptcy Appeal Arrives in SDNY

Man Whole Sold Ford Mustang In Florida Brings RICO Suit In SDNY

Sheet Music Copyright Case Nears Settlement In SDNY Whistle While Your Work

Photog Sued AfroPunk Fest But May Have Experts Disallowed As Trial Looms In SDNY

Diaz Bailed On Drug Charges Is Urged in SDNY To Move To Yonkers From Harlem

Nigeria In End Run Around MLAT Has Conflicted London Lawyer Grilled in SDNY

Doctor Seeks Citigroup Discovery Cited Dutch Appeal and Unauthorized Surveillance in SDNY

Man Who Robbed Store On East Broadway In Brooklyn Nets Cap Is Free Pending SDNY Trial

SEC Sues Israel Firm Selling Cellular Interception to LatAm Police Now Discovery

Wagley Who Sued JPMorgan Chase Vows Not To Be Crushed Like A Bug In SDNY

Akazoo Sued By SEC Hired Randy Mastro Now Stip Filed Citing Wire Thru Citizens Bank

On Money Laundering Charges Maleh Is Detained Because Hard to Extradite From Israel

Inner City Press Asked IMF of Indonesia and Thailand Fund Answers Here on COVID

In Larry Ray Case Jury Trial Pushed To July 12 and Domain Names To Be Sold By GoDaddy

Goldman Sachs Gets $2.9B Deferred Prosecution Deal Like HSBC Fed Reserved

In #6ix9ine Case Harv Ellison Sentencing Pauses To Nov 4 As Says No Lawyer Meeting

IMF Cites Beneficial Owners List As Inner City Press Asks of Cameroon and Ivory Coast

As Machine Politics In Central Brooklyn Are Sued Public Chimes In On Listen Only Line

Lawyer For Yo Sushi Which Stiffs Workers On Overtime Is Tardy Too Often So On Short Leash

Investment Bank Laidlaw Is Sued For Race Discrimination And Withholding Settlement

Amazon and Whole Foods Are Sued For Honey Grahams Scam But Says No Health Promises

SDNY Case Comes Down To Attorneys Fees $600 An Hour Or More So May Be Sealed

Man Who Absconded to Nigeria Returns On COVID Flight To Arrest And Now Do Over

Smith and Carberry For Pouring Patron Tequila on NYPD Van Face SDNY Case Into 2021

For Computer Damage Calonge Is Bailed For $50000 Now Discovery Due By Halloween

After David Resentencing of Antonetti Yields Time Served And Release In SDNY

Man Charged With Violating Supervised Release Checks Into Odyssey House To April Fools Day

SDNY Judge Berman Urged Drug Treatment For Ortiz Now He Calls In Again

After Verdict For Murder of Bronxite Shaquille Both Jones and Hopkins Get Life In Prison

DOJ Lawyer Cannot Enter SDNY Courthouse So In Jean Carroll Case No Oral Argument

In Fox News Sex Harassment Suit Ed Henry Filed Photos They Are Sealed For Now

To Cameroon IMF Doles Out $156 Million No Mention of Killings By Biya Who Bans Press Like Guterres Does

In Fox News Sex Harassment Suit Ed Henry Says ECF Help Desk Misused To Seal Photos

Columbia Doctor Hadden Out on Sex Abuse Charge Wants Free Lawyer As Plea Unsealed

At UNESCO More FrancAfrique Corruption As UN Guterres Spox Dujarric Still Goes Maskless

UN Guterres and Mohammed Empty Statement on Nigeria As They Ban Inner City Press 841 Days

Bronx Shooting on Willis Avenue Triggers Social Media and Video In SDNY Case

Economic Alchemy Is Sued As Federal Reserve Says Say No Parent Now SDNY Discovery

Accused Art Fraudsters Dere and Khan Are Out On Bail With Next SDNY Conference In 2021

On Haiti UN Guterres Still Lies on Cholera Thru Moonie Sheeran and Rape Denying Dujarric

In AgriBank Case SDNY Judge Caproni Says No Vaccine To Mid 2021 But Bench Trial Feb 22

US Attorney Goes After Ursula Wing For Smoking Pot But If Test Is Clean All Fine

Defendant Detained For Jersey Trip Confined To Bronx Apartment In 2 Part SDNY Proceeding

Defendant Who Got It In 2017 Is Now Denied Bail In 2020 In SDNY

Defendant Who Disappointed US Attorney But Got Memo Sealed Gets 33 Months In SDNY

Defendant At Newburgh Killing At Age 17 Now Gets 17 Year Sentence In SDNY

In Fox News Sex Harassment Suit Ed Henry Filed Photos Now Sealed By ECF Help Desk

Montalvo Got Time Served and Admonition Of SDNY Judge Berman No Courtroom To 2021

Unsealing of FinCEN Files Leaker Edwards Letters Urged By Press Is Now Denied In SDNY

Banco Bradesco Over Inner City Press Protest OKed Now Appeal Not Shown To Fed Board

Lack of Accessible Street Crossing in NYC Is Found To Violate ADA By SDNY Judge

Man Detained On 27 Year Old Violation of Supervised Release Belatedly Freed in SDNY

As Experian Is Sued Under FCPA Case Plan Tweaks By SDNY Judge Cronan 2 Weeks Given

Bronx Super Denied Overtime Has Death Threat Dropped From FSLA Lawsuit In SDNY

Identity Theft Victim Suing Experian Is Told FCPA Cases Rarely Go To Trial in SDNY

Woman Who Worked At Indeed Assaulted In Elevators Amid Religious Talk Now SDNY Suit

In SDNY Murder For Hire Jury Trial 1st Since COVID Winds Down With Santeria Stipulation

SDNY Civil Jury Trial Pits Syntel and Trizetto On UHG and Merger With Sandwiches in Hall

Shaquille Williams Cites Balde Grand Jury Challenge and Police Induced Confessions

Damage To NYU Building In 2012 Still Live Issue In 2020 in SDNY Insurance Dispute

Bronx Alleged Drug Conspiracy Triggers Superseding Indictment After Plea in SDNY

In Sex Harassment Suit Against Fox News Ed Henry Fired Back With Photos In SDNY Blue

In 2001 Attacks Case US Tweeted Sudan Deal May Require Shift From FSIA to JASTA

Mexico Telecom Project Financial Advisor Spat Moves Toward Zoom Based Trial in SDNY

In OneCoin Case Inner City Press Got Armenta Guilty Plea Unsealed Now To 29 Jan 2021

IMF Cites Almaty Center As Inner City Press Asks of Nagorno Karabakh And China

UN Guterres Bragged Of Evading Quarantine Portuguese Flight to Boston But No Answers

UN Guterres Favors Biden Over Trump In Closed Meeting As Brags of Evading Quarantine

IMF Cites Kyrgyz Aid As Inner City Press Asks of China and Yemen and Nagorno Karabakh

UN Guterres No Answer on Guinea Vote Gunfire As He Bans Inner City Press 839 Days

After Supervised Release Violation and Failures SDNY Judge Rakoff Calms Crying Defendant

Paralegals Sue Law Firm Which Consents To Certification Without Waiving Defenses

Dentist Sued By Former Employer Hits HIPAA Claim As Harassment In SDNY

On Afghanistan Empty Guterres Statement on Ghor Attack As He Bans Press 838 Days

China Ship Fuel Dispute Involving ING Referred to Magistrate With Dec 15 Deadline

Ryder Truck Crash In Upper Manhattan Triggers Graves Amendment Talk in SDNY

After Russia Said No Unequivocal Armenia Support UN Guterres Empty Statements Fail

UN Guterres After Lisbon Vacation in August Is Quoted There In October By Reuters Lusa Echo

SDNY Civil Jury Trial To Pit Syntel and Trizetto On Merger Clause With Masks and Distance

CEFC China Energy Donor to Hunter Biden Wired $500000 to Kutesa More In OIOS Report

UN Guterres Empty Statement on Guinea While He Bans Inner City Press 837 Days No Answers

Bibox Is Sued For Tokens on Ethereum But Calls It Copycat Suit So Will Move to Dismiss

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