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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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Updated September 23, 2020, 11:09 a.m., some recent articles

After Coop City Is Sued For Sexual Orientation Discrimination Fails To Bar Expert Testimony

Money Laundering Defendant Describes Rats In MCC Gets Time Served Then Flight to Peru

In SDNY Parnas Case Correia Lawyers Want To Drop Him And Keep It All Sealed Trial Feb 1

In Panama Papers Case Von Der Goltz Gets 48 Months and Removal To Germany or Guatemala

Ramirez Presented In SDNY 48 Hours After Arrest Consents to Detention With Case Still Sealed

BNP Paribas Sues For Steel Alloy Bars Payment In SDNY and Fends Off Motion To Dismiss

Slinky Sued Ali Baba Storefronts in SDNY But Many Did Not Show Up Others May Settle

In UNGA 2020 Sri Lanka Gotabaya Rajapaksa Brags of Bloodbath on the Beach UN Loves Shavendra

In SDNY Doubt At If Bronx Deli Case Needs 4 Months Discovery and FLSA Experts

In UNGA 2020 Trump Cited China Virus Now Reply By Zhang Jun Blocking Inner City Press

Cuffee Was Cuffed In Prison Bus That Crashed Now SDNY Lawsuit Stalled By Not Appearing

In SDNY Bazemore Bid To Withdraw Sex Trafficking Plea Is Denied Like Davis Long Shot

In UNGA 2020 Trump Cites China Virus As Xi Cites Quixote Silent on Chinese NYPD Spying

In UNGA 2020 Guterres Lies While Covering Up Rapes and Cameroon and Banning Press

In Elections Case of Postmaster DeJoy A Preliminary Injunction Is Granted First Class All the Way

Apple Is Sued By Ousmane Bah For False Theft Charge Amid Bid To Seal Public Exhibit Here

At SDNY Sentencing Talk of Tasers and Zipties and Trump Supreme Court Names So Young

Mexico Fund Sued BONY For Aston Martin Waste But Claims Whittled Down in SDNY

Habeeb Audu Spoofed Bank Customer Accounts in NC Now Processed SDNY Next Is Dec 23

As EDNY Says China Used Tibetan NYPD Officer Inner City Press Asks PR Zhang Jun

Victor Maisonet Pleads Guilty to Gun Running After Twice Denied Bail Despite COVID 19

In UNGA Day Zero Maduro Gabon Fiji and Hun Sen Dictators Like Guterres Banning Inner City Press

As EDNY Says China Used Tibetan NYPD Officer He Has Private Lawyer Consents to Detention

In Panama Papers Case Von Der Goltz Gets 48 Months Off Guideline of 94 Cried Over Beer

China Used Tibetan NYPD Officer EDNY Says While SDNY On UN Only Goes After Bribers

SDNY UN Linked Crypto Scam of Asa St Clair and World Sports Alliance Pushed to Dec 11

For UNGA 2020 UN Declines Inner City Press Application for Access Leaving Blank the Why

In SDNY Sex Trafficking Case Ended by COVID Now Rivera Wants Speedy 2d Trial

On COVID Franco Banks Give Brazzaville More As Inner City Press Asked of Bribes in Cameroon

UN of Guterres Blocks From UN Website IP of Inner City Press As France24 Barada Colludes

UN of Guterres Blocks From UN Website IP of Inner City Press After Spox Said Mr Lee Status Unchanged

WIPO Cover Up By French Ambassador Complained Of Again By Whistleblower

After Inner City Press Scoop on UNsexploitation Another Case in Uganda Insider Help Cover Up

French Huberson Rapes In Ivory Coast But UN Peacekeeping Under LaCroix Rapes All Over

Federal Reserve Asked Banco Bradesco of Fine Now BB Spins It a Pecuniary Contribution

Joffrey Ballet School Wins Restraining Order Against Former Director Stealing Its Website

UN Propaganda Film Uses Forest Whitaker and Beyonce But Lies About Cholera and UN Rapes

Lael Young Was Indicted By SDNY But Blanket Protective Order Denied By Judge Abrams

Jane Doe Sues Doctor Kevin Cahill For Touching Without Consent Echo of Hadden Case

In SDNY Heroin At Bronx Diner Nets Angie Bosquez 48 Months As Lawyer Cites Asthma

Public Lewdness Nolo Contendere Consummated Sex Abuse Evaluation Imposed

Columbia Doctor Hadden Freed on Bail on Sex Abuse Charges Now Names of Suretors Sealed

For UNGA Guterres Staff Quotes Gramsci As CBS Asks of Trump Another of Biden Corrupt

UN PGA Bozkir Takes Half Million From Qatar Refuses To Say Who Works For Him or Pays

UN General Assembly of 4 Day Old Speeches For 100 Tired State Media But No Inner City Press

Accused of Hezbollah Help Saab Still Has No Access To Law Library But CIPA Ex Parte Next

Turkey Halkbank in SDNY Cites Immunity But US Points to Noriega Case and 2012 Email

For Murder of Jam Master Jay of Run DMC Defendants Face Capital Review Nov 18 Next

For UNGA 2020 Volkan Bozkir Blocks Press As Hires From Jamaica and Georgia No Disclosure

Chaz Jones Gets 60 Months After Relevant Conduct Argument in SDNY He May Return To

SDNY Security Officer Sues For Medical Exam Unpaid As Judge Failla Hears Of Albany Drive

Paralegal Sued Special Counsel For Age Discrimination Now 4th Amended Complaint

For Taxi Insurance Trial Requests To Close Courtroom Portend Virtual Sidebars Without Press

Ex-JPMorgan Trader Objected To SDNY Zip Codes Now Gets 8 Months for ForEx Rigging

Man Who Used Fake ID To Seal Money Got Continuances Now Time Serviced Sealed Transcript

Man Charged With Police Impersonation Quickly Cooperated Time Served Sealed Transcript

As UN Bans Inner City Press 807th Day It E-Asks Spox Dujarric of Maxwell Sexploitation Elkorany SG Covid Syria CIV Bozkir Resign Namibia Cameroon Fleming 4000+ UNanswered

Doe Questioning George Floyd Protests Got Suspension From Bronx College But Still There

In SDNY Parnas and Correia Hit With Fraud Guaranty Superseding Indictment Trial Feb 1

UNSG Guterres Spox Dujarric Says Mr Lee Status Unchanged No Entry To UNGA Even Virtual

Turkey Halkbank Opposed Sept 18 Argument on Motion To Dismiss But US Still Wants It

Turkey Halkbank Opposes Sept 18 Argument on Its Motion To Dismiss SDNY Indictment

On Manafort Lender Calk Illinois Maybe Off Quarantine List But Still Dec Trial Issues US Says

In CIA Leaks Case Schulte Lists Motions To Come After Balde Jury Data and ESXI Server

For UNGA 2020 Volkan Bozkir Blocks Press As Nepotism Hires Fiji Nehali Anupriya Corrupt

UN Staffer In Iraq Indicted For Drugging and Raping Women Now UN Discovery Confidential

US Drops Defendant Ex Wife After Message But January Layoff From Target Means Detained

In Ghislaine Maxwell Giuffre Case USVI Motion to Intervene Opposed So Reply Sept 23

Clementines From Chile Hit Philly Rotten So Lawsuit Against The Ship in SDNY

Lawsuit Against Bard Peripheral Vascular IVC Filters Resolved in Arizona Lauded in SDNY

In Elections Case Against Postmaster DeJoy A Powerpoint on Costs Is Shown on Cross

Accused Carpenters Union Bribees Face Dec 14 Trial Opposing Masks For Jury and Witnesses

After US Attorney Dropped Guilty Verdicts on Iran Banker Now Judge Nathan Drops Gauntlet

Donziger Trial Remains Nov 4 Judge Preska Says But Adjourns Sept 17 Proceeding

On OneCoin Konstantin Cooperates in Civil Case As Armenta Pursued By Inner City Press

For Antonio Guterres UNCA Calls On Its Own Portugal Qs Nothing on UN Rapes Africa China Bribes

In SDNY Horse Racing Case Izhaki Now Pleads Guilty After Toying With Taking Her Own Life

On COVID IMF Gives Angola More Inner City Press Asked of Bribes in Belarus & Cameroon

SDNY Grand Jury Probe Covers All Since 2017 Then Balde Will Move To Dismiss Indictment

ArsTechnica Peter Bright Motion For Acquittal on Child Sex is Denied So Nov 4 Sentencing

In Honduras JOH Case Fuentes Ramirez Faces Possible Double Trial With Hernandez Pineda

Antonio Guterres Bans Press Amid Portugal Qs Nothing on Maxwell UN Rapes Africa China Bribes

For UNGA Bozkir Spox Brenden Varma Bans Press Services Briber Ng As Did Bill Clinton

Man Arrested At HRA on 14 Street Sues Now NY Lawyer Declines Court Case Citing COVID

State Street Bank Is Sued For Boston Club Culture Now Complains About Discovery

Delancey Street Deli Stiffed Workers Now Lawyers Now Faces Default in SDNY

Man Who Sold Fentanyl Upstate and in SDNY Gets 90 Months As US Speaks of OD Victim

Slip and Fall After Amtrak Ride Requires MSG To File Affidavit and Remote Depositions

Colombia Drug Trafficking in Oklahoma GEO Jail Is Denied Compassionate Release in SDNY

Haitian Lawyer Sues For NYS Medicaid IG Slur of Angry Black Face But State Downplays It

Man Who Refused To Attend Removal In Rhode Island Has Conflict Issue SDNY and Essex Jail

Bronx Based HKS Builders Underpaid Workers and Left Lawyers Unpaid Now Unrepresented

UNPGA Prez Volkan Bozkir Has Empty Ethics Page And Spox Brenden Varma Blocks Press Q

For UNGA 2020 Volkan Bozkir Spox Blocks Press on Twitter After Its Q to Brenden Varma

Grim Robbed Stores Now Thrice Omits To Call In To SDNY Supervision So Warrant Signed

Man Charged With Trading JUUL For Underage Sex Complains In White Plains About Indictment

As UN Bans Inner City Press 805th Day It E-Asks Spox Dujarric of Maxwell Sexploitation Elkorany SG Covid Syria Bozkir Resign Namibia Cameroon Fleming 4000+ UNanswered

After Inner City Press Scoop on UNsexploitation Guterres Lies Leads To Inaction in Syria

Man Whose Supervised Release End In October Has SDNY Violation Proceeding in November

Book About RBG Triggers Legal Threat to Alyssa Milano and Now SDNY Lawsuit

Man Charges With York Ave Robbery Digs Into SDNY Jury Wheels Like in Balde and Schulte

Mexico Telecom Project Financial Advisor Spat Gives Rise To Discovery Quashing in SDNY

To UNGA 2020 Volkan Bozkir On Press Access Refers To MALU of Guterres But Illegitimate

Man on Scooter Crashing With Cadillac Triggers $2M or $50000 Bid and Asked Coke and Crime

SDNY Grand Jury Inquiry Exceeded Maximum of Excel 2 Wheels Delay to Sept 16 in Balde

Donziger Trial Moved to Nov 3 Now Garbus Asks for Recusal Noting That Is Election Day

In Inner City Press Scoop on UNsexploitation Antoine Restored to Full Pay Guterres Lies

Corrupt UNDP OSSC Director  Chediek Leaves Sept 16 After Bribes But Boss Guterres Still In

Varo Bank The Bancorp Application Protested to OCC But Crypto Brooks Rubber Stamps It

In Larry Ray Case US Against Dissemination Judge Responds Seal Opposed by Inner City Press

As UN Bans Inner City Press 804th Day It E-Asks Spox Dujarric of Maxwell Sexploitation Elkorany SG Covid Thai DRC WIPO Resign Covid Cameroon Fleming 4000+ UNanswered

For UNGA Week 2020 Inner City Press No Answer Yet From Fleming Q on Governance

WIPO Cover Up By French Ambassador Complained Of By Whistleblower to States

Hedge Fund Sued For Stealing Software Now Plaintiff Who Urged Sealing Gets Excess Pages

Steve Bannon Has May 2021 Trial Date But No Tweeting or Posting of Discovery US Orders

In Larry Ray Case US Urges No Dissemination Of Discovery Seal Opposed by Inner City Press

Melzer Who Wanted Middle East War Faces CIPA Sealed Evidence and Hearings in SDNY

Man From Diamond District Turned To Health Care Fraud Now Surrender Date

Man Arrested On Mattress In Empty Bronx Apartment With Baby and Pot Is Detained

Amazon Whole Foods Checked Criminal Record Of Man Who Sues For NYC Delivery Job

Man Contracted To Push Rooibos Tea in Saudi Sues For Forgery in SDNY Improperly Served

UN Guterres on Belarus Whispered of Dialogue Protesters at UN Now Blathers of Press As Bans

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Day before UN Raid, Here's Letter ICP Sent to DPI Officials, Raid as Response?

AFP & Reuters Sought Ouster of Inner City Press from UN, FOIA Shows

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