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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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Genocide Games of Guterres Echo From Foley Square To Taiwan and Tegucigalpa, Avenatti to Kamala

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Maxwell Book
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - Song - Review

LITERARY UN GATE -- As the Genocide Games grew nearer, it supports including the UN's Antonio Guterres grew more brazen. Hours after Kurt had emailed him questions including whether it was a private jet he would be taking, Epstein-style, from Seoul to Beijing, his spokesman rather than answer announced on camera that yes he would be going.

   Spokesman Stephane Dujarric added, showing spin or guilty conscience, that Guterres would be returning to New York (and his mansion) on February 6, "a Sunday." Why add that? Other than to try to be able to say, if the Genocide Games opening ceremony was on a Friday, and promoter Guterres would be back in his mansion on a Sunday, he wasn't really missing work?

  So was it a personal trip, a personal express of support for mass incarceration and cultural genocide? Dujarric had said that "the Secretary General will be paying, the UN will be paying," for the commercial legs of his trip.

  So did Guterres think that all UN money was his? Did this explain Dujarric's ghoulish thank-yous for the payment of dues, no matter how small, by countries like Paul Biya's Cameroon and then-narco president Juan Orlando Hernandez' Honduras?

   Ironically a week before Guterres left for the Genocide Games his spokesperson said he was watching with concern - always that - the political situation in Honduras. That would be AFTER the narco prez' successor had been chosen, Xiomara Castro, and China had protested the Taiwanese Vice President's stop-over in the US on the way to Tegucigalpa.

  Now US Vice President Kamala Harris, through an unnamed Senior Administration Office, emphasized that Kamala would not be meeting the VP. Kurt wrote that one up, in a story about what should be JOH's imminent indictment in SDNY.

  China understood symbolism, witness its protests of all things Taiwanese. So it the cover up value of Guterres' craven venture to Beijing, by a private jet they paid for just as they'd bid on the oil company of Gubenkian which paid Guterres, was clear.

  But not to Guterres' handpicked press corpse. They sat in the briefing room asking about the escalator and why the US was blocking China's take-over of 5G networks. Little mention in this time was the CCP USG of DESA, Mr. Liu, a former Chinese Deputy Ambassador to the UN who was the country's most recent head of the UN's so-called development pillar.

  Kurt asked about Liu, but there was never any answer. Liu had succeeded another Chinese USG, an old coot directly linked to the crackdown in Tiananmen Square. To Guterres' UN, like to the Chinese Internet, that had never happened. Kurt reminded himself to put the video of it up, again.

  The demonetization by Google of Kurt's music video Genocide Games of Guterres had been reversed on appeal. As Kurt mulled how to announce or update that, he covered Day 2 of the Avenatti trial - in which Avenatti announced that he was firing his lawyers and representing himself. In China the screen would have gone dark, or an opponent of Xi would have disappeared at the slightest hint.

  Here, a few years after Avenatti hit the news not for looting a Seattle based coffee chain but for representing a porn star against the president, Avenatti was on his third trial. So far it had gone Loss, Mistrial and now Self-Representation.

  Kurt live tweeted, while watching and putting up ghoulish video from the UN noon briefing. Dujarric had literally broke out laughing while claiming Guterres was against genocide (on this Day, the Holocaust), and no one they let in said anything. Kurt put it online, along with his stand-up at the UN gate.

   When Avenatti was stopped mid-cross of his former office manager Regnier, Kurt again ran out to ask him questions in Foley Square, including whether he would be applying to get US taxpayer money for his own legal representation of himself, at the $850 an hour he bragged he used to charge.

  Avenatti did not answer; Kurt filmed him all the way across the Square and into 52 Duane Street. Then Kurt ran back to Mulberry, for hot and sour soup and cabbage and pork dumplings. Gastronomy and, yes, the #GenocideGamesOfGuterres.

Follow-up to Belt and Roadkill: Genocide Games of Guterres.

From January 21, 2022: UNSG Antonio Guterres:  This visit to the Olympics is not a political visit. We consider that the Olympic Games are an extremely important manifestation in today's world of the possibility of unity, of the possibility of mutual respect, of the possibility of cooperation, of peoples of different cultures, of different religions, of different ethnicities. And this is more important than ever when we see xenophobia, when we see racism, when we see white supremacy, when we see anti‑Semitism, when we see anti‑Muslim hatred proliferating all over the world... That is the reason why I am going to the Olympic Games. And it has nothing to do with my opinions about the different policies that take place in the People's Republic of China.      

 Spokesman Dujarric:  Okay, sir, I think you're then off the hook.  

 Will Guterres be taking his Deputy Amina J. Mohammed, supportive of the killing and targeted detentions perpetrated by Buhari of Nigeria? See, Identity Thieves - and, forthcoming, Genocide Games of Guterres. For now, Belt and Roadkill.   


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